Friday, May 1, 2009

Hair club for babies?

Sam was born bald. Maddie, Jack and Sophie were born with a ton a hair. Ella was born with what looked like a dark black Halloween wig...and just kept growing all over the place. This picture from January shows her crazy "do", but....something that has never happened to one of my children is well in progress- she's losing all her hair. Sure. We had the little bald spot in the back of the head where they rubbed it off in their bed or carrier, but not allover hair loss. Ella is almost bald. I think she is absolutly adorable, but I've never dealt with this mystery. Where does the hair go? It's not in her bed or signs of it in the sink after washing. No strands in my dust pan or on my swiffer after cleaning (except Hershey's hair). I'm wondering how long this goes on. So, if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears. I'm sure my mother- in- law would have some kind of cream or herb infused concoction we could slather on her head. Actually, in the Latin cultures, many shave their babies hair, so it will grow in thicker and fuller. I'm sure it stops disappearing and starts growing again....soon....right? Just, I'm calling on all of you out there...any advice or hair tales will be greatly appreciated!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh my word...that first pic of her is hilarious! With the halloween wig hair and the sideways smirk. LOVE it. LOVE her! LOVE you!

Manda P.

hannahshirley said...

What a little thing. Squeeze her for me.

bigsexy said...

Both of our boys had hair at birth and within a couple months were bald. I haven't found a cure because Austin is 9 months old and is still bald, but I love it. Ella is so sweet and we love the pictures of her. The march of dimes walk loked fun. We can't wait to see you next month!
-Jeff, Laura, Ethan and Austin-

Erika said...

She has grown so much. She looks great! And the hair does come back all 3 of mine did that.

Erika @ Homegrown Family

My little family

My little family
This is my beautiful, little family- Hilton, Emily, Jack ( 7), Sophie (4), Maddie (9) & Sam (11). Aren't the azaleas gorgeous? This was taken Easter sunday at my mom's house. The dogwoods and azaleas were in spectacular bloom.