Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to School "Daze"

She was ready....backpack from Aunt Beth, back-to-school outfit from Aunt Jen, napmat, lunchbox..Sophie was ready, but I wasn't. It doesn't matter if it's your first or your fourth. Sending a baby off for that first day of school is tough! We had a great summer together. It was hard to see them all go, but especially crazy sending Sophie to kindergarten. Maddie was decked out in one of her many ensembles from her shopping frenzy with Aunt Beth. Jack wasn't so sure about going back, and Sam was too big to get in the first day of school photo.Sam started 7th grade, Maddie- 5th, Jack- 4th, and Sophie- kindergarten. Hilton drives them to school many days, but it's so nice to be able to catch the bus right in front of our house.

Big sister, Maddie, is there to lend a hand.

Daddy and Sophie checked out her desk before we left her for her big day.

Like I said, Sophie was ready. As we left her in the classroom and walked down the hall, my eyes welled up with tears. In a way, she is theirs for the next 12 years. She won't rely soly on me anymore. She will learn to do many things for herself and become more and more independent. She has been my shadow for the last 6 years, happily going wherever I went. Most everyone at the school knows her since she has been up there with me helping....and she has 3 big sets of shoes to fill following Sam, Maddie and Jack. Her kindergarten teacher is the same teacher Jack had, so we are grateful for that. Today is the first day of October. I think we're all coming out of the back-to-school daze and settling into a routine. Sophie read her first book yesterday. She is also playing soccer this year-learning lots and loving it. Jack is enjoying his excel classes and reading all the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books. He is small, but quick. He had the fastest time for the timed mile run. He is also playing soccer. He wanted to play football, but I wasn't ready to let him try. Next month, he'll start flag football. Maddie is stretching herself in math and doing it! 7th grade and Sam are a great fit. I think his favorite thing this year is football. Ella and I are finding a routine with just the two of us. She's my new little shadow.

My little family

My little family
This is my beautiful, little family- Hilton, Emily, Jack ( 7), Sophie (4), Maddie (9) & Sam (11). Aren't the azaleas gorgeous? This was taken Easter sunday at my mom's house. The dogwoods and azaleas were in spectacular bloom.