Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ups and downs

We were told there would be ups and downs, but I guess you really have to go through it to really know they meant up, up, UPS and down, down DOWNS. Sunday morning, I was called out of church by my dear friend/nurse K, letting me know Ella was anemic and needed a blood transfustion. I left to be with her for the day. She was very lethargic and pitiful. I didn't want to leave her. Hilton told me I wouldn't be worth anything if I stayed all night, so I came home that night. I knew she wasn't "right". I called throughout the night checking on her. Her wonderful nurse J was concerned about her too. She told me she just wasn't her Ella. Monday morning the dr. called to let us know she had a bloody bowel and he was concerned about a bowel infection. We had been told about this but put it back into our archives, hoping not to have to go there. Well, we were there. We were preparing for the possibility of transport to Ocshner hospital in New Orleans.
They didn't waste anytime getting her ready for transport. This problem can move fast and have devastating effects. For more information, google or search NEC. She was cozied into a special transport isolette.
My dear family kicked their efforts of love and support into immediate action. Hilton met me at the hospital; Dad and Mom drove us to Ocshner behind the transport bus. Jenny, Amanda, and Cindy brought up the rear of the caravan. Beth, Ronnie and Becca met us at the hospital. Hilton's dad, Ron, arrived shortly after we did. What a comfort! She gave us quite a scare, but today's updates are good. The surgeon told us this morning it looked like we wouldn't need him. She is being treated with antibiotics and bowel rest for 14 days. She seems to be responding well and acting like her fiesty, perky self. It was so difficult seeing her so down and out. Monday was TOUGH! I couldn't really wrap my head or emotions around everything. Tuesday morning, I felt such a peace and knew my Father in Heaven was mindful of me...stories to follow. Thank you to all who are praying/fasting for her. I feel it. I know the Lord hears and answers prayers. She has made, as the doctors said they were looking for, significant progress over the last 24 hours. MIRACLES. I believe in miracles. Know we are well. Mom and Dad are heading back to Hattiesburg to get Hilton home. My precious sisters, Beth, Jenny, Amanda and Cindy, my brother, Kevin, dear Sumrall teachers and friends, and church sisters have jumped right in to take over responsibilites. I am checking into the Ronald McDonald house this afternoon. It will be our home away from home for the next few weeks (at least). We miss our wonderful NICU "family" at home, but are so thankful our dr. was inspired to send Ella when he did. We are meeting new "family" and feel very taken care of here by the sweet, caring nurses and drs. Keep those prayers coming....and slow down and remember He is there. This holiday season please remember what really matters most. My heart is full of gratitude and thanksgiving. Thanks again to all of you-family, friends, and those we do not yet know- who have reached out your loving hearts and giving hands. We love you all.

My little family

My little family
This is my beautiful, little family- Hilton, Emily, Jack ( 7), Sophie (4), Maddie (9) & Sam (11). Aren't the azaleas gorgeous? This was taken Easter sunday at my mom's house. The dogwoods and azaleas were in spectacular bloom.